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There is a growing discussion about weddings celebrating places where generations of blacks have been enslaved and tortured. Former slave plantations have become popular locations for weddings in the South, where romantic locations are successfully renamed to evoke nostalgia and antebellum charm. Actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds held their wedding at Boone Hall Plantation, where dozens of blacks had been enslaved, and there was a growing discussion about weddings celebrating the history of the place where they were enslaved and tortured.
Rather than targeting wedding plantation operators, Hatch said, Color of Change’s campaign focuses on wedding planning platforms because they do not directly benefit from weddings and are therefore less likely to raise concerns about plantation locations. As part of the campaign, Color of Change sent similar letters to Zola and Martha Stewart’s Weddings & Brides about plantations and weddings. According to a link in the archive reviewed by BuzzFeed News, Zolas, a leading wedding planning platform, has since removed the letters sent to the company by Color for Change.
Other references to plantations – themed weddings remain on the site, but Hatch said he hasn’t heard from Zola yet. The decision comes after civil rights group Color for Change called on the company to stop promoting plantations where slaves once lived as wedding venues altogether.
Sivajee said he expects the new policy to be released in the next few weeks, adding that the company is combing through vendors and venues to make sure they follow the guidelines. Knot Worldwide will work with Color for Change to develop a more comprehensive policy for all wedding venues, he said.
Emily Forrest, communications manager at Zola, told BuzzFeed News that after examining the complaint, they concluded that she did not violate her non-discrimination policy. Asked if her blog post, in which she talked about a plantation wedding, violated the company’s non-discrimination policies, Forrest refused to answer, referring BuzzFeed News to the policies on Zolola’s website. A spokesman for DotDash Brides, the parent company, told BuzzFeedNews that the letter had been removed from its website and addressed to Color for Change. vippi 100e
Rena Davis, from Georgia, ordered her wedding cake based on a photo she had seen online showing a peacock – a themed cake made from a small cupcake. But the couple were furious when they continued with the cake as it bore more resemblance to the royal bird they were expecting. After receiving a refund, which she says she received only because of her viral postings, Davis went outside and bought another cake.
She was hoping for a romantic photoshoot with her then boyfriend Collin Hewett, who poured champagne into Alyssa Snodsmith’s mouth against a woody backdrop. The couple’s engagement photo went viral after a man drowned his fiancee in a pool after recreating the Pinterest photo.
Hewett’s fierce handshake, however, left his wife gasping for air, and Twitter howled with joy.
K Knot Worldwide, which owns Knot and WeddingWire, is currently working to ensure that it does not use language that romanticizes the history of the southern plantations, a company representative exclusively told BuzzFeed News. We have changed our policies to stop promoting content that “romanticizes former slave plantations,” marketing chief Dhanusha Sivajee told BuzzFeed News, according to a statement from Knot.
Consult a wedding planner or talk to a friend or family who has recently gone through this process and talk about the history of slavery in the US and other parts of the world.
If you have a wedding planner, you should know what makes sense and where to find shaky space, “says Moody. For example, ask your photographer to work a few hours instead of the whole day and see if the caterer can limit guests to one or two drinks instead of offering an open bar. Sellers who are entering the business tend to charge less for more experience, she adds.