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  Hen Games - Don't forget the personal touches...

The most important thing about the games you plan, prepare and play on the hen night is to make sure that the Hen will love them. No Hen is the same, so make it different and always try to add a personal twist.

Select a number of games (suitable to the length of the hen party) and mix it up between games that are personal to the Hen and team games to get your guests bonding (especially if they do not all know each other). A creative element always goes down well, as does creating a lovely keepsake for the Hen out of one of the games – it makes a perfect wedding present from the hen party!

Below are some of the Organise A Hen favourite variations of the tried and tested classic hen party games to get you started or download our full list of recommended hen party games for free.


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Organise A Question Time for Him

Ask the groom-to-be to answer a set of questions before the hen do, like the classic game show 'Mr & Mrs' (you could even film his answers and create a DVD if he is willing!). Then ask the Hen the same set of questions on the hen do and see if she can guess what answers he gave. If the Hen has a particular pastime or hobby, why not have some questions around this? Be creative and be different with some of your questions. Don’t forget to think of some forfeits for wrong answers and bring some rewards for matching answers.


Organise A Memory Book

Ask all of the guests to think of a memory of the Hen and ask them to bring a prop relating to this memory (you might want to pre warn the guests of any older relative attendance for any possible x-rated memories!). At the hen do the Hen has a go at guessing what the memory is from the guest unveiling the prop. A reward or forfeit for a right or wrong answer could be used. The guest then confirms the memory and having written it down in advance it can be put into the ‘memory book’ in time for the wedding. Why not also take a picture of the Hen with each guest and their prop to also put into the memory book? A wonderful keepsake for the Hen and makes sure everyone has a part to play in making the hen do special. See our Hen Kit for all you need for this game.


Organise A Chick Challenge

In teams complete a list of challenges on a hen day or hen night out. Prepare a list of challenges in advance of the hen do and don’t forget to tailor these to your audience and the type of hen do you are on. Challenges can be anything from getting a free drink in a bar, to obtaining a size 11 left shoe from a member of the public (with photo evidence), to obtaining someone’s underpants, to encouraging 10 members of public to join the team in the cancan! Give each team of ‘Chicks’ a list of challenges to complete – first team to complete, with appropriate evidence, wins. Don’t forget a prize (or surprise forfeit?) for the winners.


Forfeits and Rewards

Hen Forfeits? Aside from the obvious shot of toffee vodka or equally sweet spirit, what about a list of dares (be kind!) ready for the Hen (or the rest of the hen party) to do on failing a task or guessing an answer incorrectly? Prepare well in advance and be reasonable. Would you do it? Allow the Hen a set number of vetos to avoid any tensions on the day.

Hen Rewards? You could ask guests to bring wrapped anonymous gifts for the Hen to act as rewards (direct them to our Hen Kit page for ideas). It is always wise to set out a reasonable budget in advance – a £5 limit would normally be reasonable.
Don't forget a hen do game always goes very well with a glass of something cold and sparkly!


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